Board of Directors


Educational Advisory Committee

Dur Alkuttab Educational Advisory Committee, consists of a group  of independent experts and leadership advisors that have decades of experience in education and respective fields. These exceptional individuals collectively play a crucial role in guiding the company by providing invaluable insight and guidance. The purpose of the committee is to put in recommendations to help steer Dur Alkuttab education projects and provide the visionary path for future directions that will maintain the company mission.

Management Team

Our team is comprised of seasoned, innovative, committed professionals, who deeply believes of the urgency of updating today’s education programs. They believe those changes are necessity to upkeep with the dramatic reforms of the future workforce, and the forecasted skills of the human capital.

Our team is dedicated to utilizing the latest research in neurosciences and artificial intelligence to enrich our education programs enabling our graduates to sail through life successfully.

School Team

We at DAK believe that decentralization of management results to more efficiency and productivity, thus our school teams have full power and authorities to manage and operate their schools according to the needs and demands of their stakeholders.

Further, the culture of our individual schools is built on constructive collaboration and authentic teamwork spirit, which sets the tone for the whole school’s interactions and reflect on expectations of our students beyond school boundaries.

Personal development and training are critical parts of DAK annual educational plans. Even though our staff go through a rigorously recruitment journey, they maintain continuous professional development (CPD) for skills in their profession annually.

Corporate Partnerships

Dur Alkuttab will develop a range of partnerships that will support a healthy growth. Dur Alkuttab strongly believes, partnership with the local and global community goes hand-in-hand with our mission of being a part of the reform and growth of global education systems. Our children play a crucial role in who we are as a company. We train students to respect their environment and build connections from an early age. Whether its local outreach projects which connect our school community with disadvantaged neighborhoods, or purchasing school supplies locally to support small businesses, our action demonstrates the importance of building win-win relations with local and global community.

Accreditation and Affiliations