Our Story

During the Pharaonic Era, children gathered in small groups to learn in houses of worship. At these antiquated academic institutions, the writing tools used by children were dry clay and sharp pieces of wood. Parents of the children compensated the religious instructors of these small groups with food, such as bread and eggs, as a gesture of gratitude and acknowledgment of the value of education even during times of famine.

The fact that families of the children were willing to take food from their tables in order to provide education for their kids speaks to the importance education played among society during those tough times. This historical academic system has graduated famous scholars in several fields, and planted the first seed of today’s education system.


While today the educational tools have evolved from dried clay to smart boards, the sacrifice families take on to provide quality education for their children has not changed. That is where Dur Alkuttab decided to carry on the old mission of its namesake to prepare their students to successfully navigate life by utilizing modern day teaching approaches.

The bold action of the families to ensure learning amidst tough times inspired the name of our company, Dur Alkuttab, which translates to mean “home of the learners”.