After submitting your CV and related employment documents, we will assess whether your application meets our needs and the qualifications for the position.

Should your application pass our initial job criteria you will be invited to a phone screening. 


Phone Screening:

Candidates invited to a phone screening will be scheduled to participate in a phone interview, during which our leadership team will have a chance to learn more about your experiences and give you an opportunity to ask questions. 

In-Person Interview

Following the phone screening, candidates may be invited to attend an in-person interview with various members of the school’s leadership team, as well as additional appropriate staff members. While candidates do not need to prepare anything for this interview, we encourage you to bring your professional portfolio.

Demo Lesson:

Candidates for instructional roles will be invited to come to teach a demo lesson either in-person or online. 

Reference Checks:

The final step for any candidate is a reference check. We will ask you to provide three professional references, including a recent supervisor.