Who We Are

Dur Alkuttab (DAK) is a multifaceted company that offers educational services and consultancy.
DAK finances, designs, constructs, owns, and operates state-of-the-art school facilities.
The aim of Dur Alkuttab is to prepare their students for the 4th Industrial Revolution, and beyond, by offering a full spectrum of first-rate educational opportunities to match the needs and aspirations of individual families.
We dedicate ourselves to upkeep with the ever-changing demands of the labor markets, and continuously align it with the outcomes of our educational systems.
We are focused on building a resilient innovative entrepreneurial students that can navigate successfully both the future workforce and life.
Our schools are hallmarked by a premiere and modern curriculum based on internationally competitive standards of excellence and practices.
Our highly skilled and experienced staff of educators utilize a unique combination of pedagogical approaches to learning through the use of artificial intelligence and neurosciences.
Dur Alkuttab prepares their students to be life-long-life-learners with a solid system of values. Graduates of DAK are shaped to be global visionary leaders as well as stewards of their community.


Our Vision

We, at Dur AlKuttab, are committed to empowering graduates to navigate the future successfully through continuous alignment of our educational systems to the forthcoming demands of life and the labor market.

Our Mission

Preparing each student to be a life-long learner able to excel in a rapidly changing world.